Our culture of SAFETY NOW helps us focus on the task we are engaged in each moment.

Core Values

  • NTL Pipelines will not forfeit a safe working environment to benefit of cost, schedule or productivity.
  • NTL Pipelines will constantly strive to be at the leading edge of industry standards and in total compliance of all legislation.
  • NTL Pipelines believes that no job is too urgent that we cannot take the time to do it safely.
  • NTL Pipelines recognizes that responsibility for employee health and safety requires constant and continuing effort from management, employees, subcontractors and clients.
  • NTL Pipelines emphasizes the continuous implementation and upgrading of the HSE Program through education and training.
  • NTL Pipelines will perform audits to ensure that the HSE policy’s and programs are functioning effectively throughout the organization.
  • NTL Pipelines believes in the prevention of all injuries and to our employees, community and clients.
  • The ultimate goal of NTL Pipelines is to prevent occupational incidents, and protect the environment through the promotion of a strong Health & Safety Culture for its employees.

Code of Conduct & Standards

NTL operates under set standards and guidelines which are observable, trainable and coachable. They serve as a guide in making decisions in the field, office and anywhere in the company. All vital to be part of every decision and the lower basics never being used at the expense of the higher.


Consistent practice of safe behaviors and actions are the responsibility of all personnel
• Promote Safety Now
• Refuse unsafe work
• Adhere to all company policies and procedures
• Always comply with the law and relevant rules and regulations
• Always take responsibility to protect all workers engaged in its activities from personal injury and health hazards.


Having adequate training and preparation for the task to be completed with excellence
• Act with integrity and honesty
• Take responsibility to avoid any conflicts of interest
• Maintain the confidentiality of company information
• Avoid acceptance of gifts, favors, personal advantages
• Not engage in unlawful work behavior, including soliciting, accepting or paying bribes or illicit payment


Following proper procedures in work execution, documentation and job completion
• We believe quality is vital to successful organizations
• Endeavor to deal fairly with customers, suppliers, contractor and employees
• Never use one’s authority and status to gain undue benefit or advantage over others
• Treat Communities and the environment in which we operate with respect


Proper performance of roles and constant improvement in time and resource utilization
• Use corporate assets in accordance with acceptable use
• Devote a full measure of his or her time, effort, talent and experience to complete job responsibilities
• Follow work execution plans and project coordination to ensure safe and efficient work
• We set clear expectations for everyone involved


Members & Affiliates